Event info


Race will be held on free technique. There will be one classic track on the course.

Race Office and Bib numbers

Intersport Rovaniemi: Friday 15.3. 14:00 - 19:00

Shopping Center Rinteenkulma, 2:nd floor

Koskikatu 25, 96200 Rovaniemi

Ounasvaara ski stadium: Saturday 16.3. 8:00 - 10:00

Taljatie 1, 96600 Rovaniemi



There will be shuttle bus before and after the race from City Center to Ski stadium with following departure times:

8:45, 9:45, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00, 17:00

Bus departs from Hotel Santa Claus

Tickets are on sale on our site and in race office if there are seats still available. Ticket costs 7€. Please, inform the staff at the office in wich bus you are going to get in.


In every bib there is a timing chip taped inside. Please make sure that you wear it with chip on the chest (front side). By wearing it on the frontside your time will register correctly!


Ski changes are not allowed.


Start: Ski Stadium, Taljatie 1, 96200 Rovaniemi

Finish: Lordi avenue: Maakuntakatu 29-31, 96200 Rovaniemi

42,2km race starts from Ski Stadium at 10:00 and course goes through a beautiful scenery of arctic circle vie Koskenkylä, Sierijärvi, Jokkavaara, Kurijävi and Ounasvaara and finally to the center of Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland.

21km race starts from Ski Stadium at 11.00 and course goes through a beautiful scenery of The Arctic Circle via Koskenkylä, Ounasrinne, Ounasvaara and finally to the center of Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland.

As an organizer we hope everyone to have enjoyable journey through the course so take care of skiers among you with good spirit and felling. Stay right and take care that there is no one behind you and enough space while passing.



Competitors can drop their wastes to marked area at aid stations.

Littering will cause DSQ.



AID STATIONS  42,2 & 21 KM

42,2 KM                                                                         

KM 6,3 Koskenkylä              

KM 15,4 Sierijärvi        

KM 23,7 Kurivaara

KM 31,7 Toramo

KM 37,3 Lappi-areena

Finish Lordi square

21 KM

KM 6,3 Koskenkylä

KM 15,3 Lappi- areena

Finish Lordi square

There will be five aid stations in 42km and two in 21km plus finish station in Lordi square. We will serve you with water, juice, blueberryjuice, Nosht sports drink along with pickled cucumber, raisins, Jollos "vauhtikarkki" high energy chews, banana, chocolate and cola. Servings will vary in different stations.

Right after finishing the race you are free to go to have a lunch at Hotel Santa Claus by presenting your lunch ticket to the staff. Enjoy!


TIME LIMITS 42,2 & 21 KM

Finish will be closed at 16:00



There will be spare poles both at the start and on aid stations through the course

Waxing service available 11.-15.3 10-19 at Intersport Rovaniemi, Koskikatu 25, 96200 Rovaniemi



Jätkänkynttilä Ski Marathon course will be marked every 5km. Signs will show the kilometers to finish .



First Aid and health care persons are located both start, finish and through the course. Phone number in first aid cases is: +358 40 773 1658. This number is in use only on an event day (16.3.) between 9:30-16:00

If urgent emergency call 112 ja tell them:

  • Jätkänkynttilä Ski Marathon ski race
  • Place where emergency is located, please notify km signs!
  • What has happened and what is the situation

Health care persons have all rights to suspend participants race if they see any danger for health. In Finland you can also download and use 112 App to make an emergency call with your smartphone.



While crossing the finish line time used to race is registered. Finish will be closed at 16.00. Race office must be notified about did not finish (DNF).



All competitors are awarded by a medal.



Protest must be left in 60 min after the first competitor is finished and that will be handled according to IWO rules. Protest fee is 94€. Among amateurs there is 48h to make a protest. Protest fee is 50€ and that is processed by Jury.



Competitors can leave their stuff inside of the bag (given in raceoffice) to marked area at the start. Stuff must be inside of the given bag or backpack with start number. Organisator will carry bags to the finish area. Bags are given against showing a race number. Competitors leave the stuff by their own choice.

There will be info signs outside and inside of the hotel Santa Claus for skidepot, bags, aid station, saunas and for lunch. Please follow these signs to find all the important places. 


There is a ski depot for competitors, it is possible to leave skis there while aiding after race. Ski depot will be closed at 17:30. Competitors will recieve a ski sticker at the race office and this sticker has to be attached to the ski, if you want to use the ski depot service. Please, pack your belongings carefully.

It is NOT allowed to take your skis and poles inside the Hotel.



Toilets and locker rooms are available for competitors at the ski stadium. Showers and saunas are at free use for competitors at Hotel Santa Claus. Mens sauna in the 5th floor (two separate sauna´s) and womens sauna in the 6th floor. You can buy beverages nearby sauna and also rent a towel if you dont have your own.



Lunch will be served at free of charge for competitors at Hotel Santa Claus against a meal ticket at Hotel Santa Claus, restaurant Gaissa. Lunch is served between 12:00-16:00. Please contact the hotel staff if you have any food allergies.


Prize giving ceremony

Prize giving ceremony for both 21km and 42km races will be held 19:00 at Hotel Santa Claus, Kirnu room, located next to restaurant Gaissa.

All competitors are in at the raffle of huge prize purse. For the win of the raffle competitors must be at the prize giving seremony by person.



Three fastest Women and Men will be awarded with prize money at 42km:

1. 750€

2. 500€

3. 250€

Three fastest women and men will be awarded at 21km.

    Among the participants we will raffle numerious prize drawns.



      Lost property is delivered to ski depot. Since monday lost property office Rovaniemi, phone number 0600 03392.



      Changes on registrations will be caused 25€ fee.  If participant has insurmountable obstacle it is possible to get back 50% of paid registration fee. Registration could be postponed to year 2025. Changes must be done until 10.3 by email jsm.ilmoittautuminen@gmail.com .



      Cancellation of race caused by unbeatable circumstances or weather, organizer is permitted to keep 50% of registration fees.